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Alaska DWI Attorneys and Alaska DWI Laws

In the State of Alaska, the drunken driving cases can be handled with the help of a DWI attorney. For those who are arrested in such cases, the help is available though you need to consider two important considerations need attention of those charged with a DWI in Alaska.

Take your Alaska DWI charge very seriously: The conviction resulting through a DWI in Alaska will have greater consequences for your future. Your personal record and employment opportunities will be affected. You must take the Alaska charge very seriously.

Hire an experienced Alaska DWI Attorney: It is not an easy task to understand the Alaska DWI laws and courtroom proceedings. You will have to hire a qualified Alaska DWI Attorney as he will help your fight your case and hopefully shall be able to bring out a positive outcome of your case.

First you can search Alaska DWI records to review your drunk driving charge. We will keep your inquiry confidential. Time is always very critical in a Alaska DWI case; therefore, do not waste time and use the above mentioned methods of telephone or website use to obtain quick and reliable help.

Alaska DWI Laws and Drunk Driving Information

The drivers having Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) .08 or higher shall be charged with an Alaska DWI. The law enforcement officer is authorized to arrest a driver if he thinks that driver is incapable of safe driving despite BAC is found less than .08. When a license is issued in Alaska, you give a written understanding that you shall allow testing of BAC by law enforcement official. This shall be done to determine your BAC and to ensure you are not driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Therefore, refusing to undergo a breath test and DWI, both are offences in Alaska. These offences are considered Class A misdemeanor and you can be punished with a 1 year sentence, 5000 USD fine and license revocation.

If you are caught by the law enforcing agency for Alaska DWI, you will face two separate charges:

First: The state of Alaska will bring a charge against you for driving while intoxicated. Second: This will be a license revocation attempt made by the Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles.

In Alaska, a driver shall be charged with felony DWI in case he is found guilty of above offences with a history of 2 or more DWI or refusal convictions within a 5 year period prior to the current offense. The punishments will be increased and those will include longer imprisonment and higher fine. The offender will also have to undergo alcohol educational classes.

There is an Interstate Driver's License Compact between some states and Alaska is a member of this agreement. If you are caught for the above mentioned offences, the details and data are shared among these states and you may face problems in other states too. This is also a very important reason that you must get legal help and hire an experienced and reliable Alaska DWI Attorney.

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