Am I A Bad Person For Getting A DWI Arrest?

So you've got a Driving While Intoxicated arrest on your record.  Drinking and driving was by no means a good idea, it was actually a terrible, terrible idea.  It's one of the most dangerous things you can do and one of most embarrassing crimes possible. 

That said, are you a bad person?

Short answer: no.  DUI and DWI arrests are the most common crimes among average citizens that have never been (and with some luck never will be) in jail.  But that doesn't mean people won't find DWI records under your name and judge you. 

In the DWI vs DUI quandary, having a DWI record is much worse.  It implies that you were not just impaired by alcohol, but were at or over the legal limit.
A DWI arrest can lead to a judge suspending or revoking your license.  A suspension can last up to a year, and revocation is more than one year.   DWI Records will also send your insurance rates skyrocketing by as much as 300 percent!

Your family and friends will probably forgive you, but it'll be hard to make a good first impression with a DWI hanging over your head -- especially at job interviews. A routine background check, even an online public record search will bring up your DWI record.  You could be denied jobs -- even non-driving jobs -- because having a DWI makes you look irresponsible.  And with the popularity online background checks, even new friends or dates could be judging you on your criminal record without you even knowing. 

There are ways to get rid of your DWI, however, especially if it's your first offense.  A DWI lawyer can help you argue to the judge that you've learned your lesson.  With their help, you can get your DUI record reduced to a lesser offense and get your record sealed and stricken from your public records. 

See what kind of stuff people are finding out about you, or investigate other people with an online DWI record search.

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