How A DWI Attorney Helped Me Get My DWI Record Expunged

I got a DWI arrest on my record, it was awful.  I did, however, manage to fight the conviction and get it taken off my driving record.

I struggled to find a job for a long time, but prospective employers told me that no matter how much they liked my in the interview, they couldn't risk hiring someone with a DWI conviction on their record. Even neighbors and acquaintances found out about my DWI conviction by using public record searches.  Some even told me they didn't want me in their building -- I never imagined how many people could see my record.

I was just about ready to get a really crummy day-labor job just to make ends meet and maybe move out, but then a friend told me I could get my record expunged.

My friend was only partially right.  Unlike other arrest records, I couldn't simply apply to get my DWI record expunged.  Since DWI is such a serious crime, I had to prove that I had a good reason to have the arrest taken off my record.  I learned through some research that I could show that having the record was too much of a hardship for me, especially since I had proven that I learned my lesson via alcohol diversion classes and had a clean record aside the glaring DWI next to my name.  It was, however, a complicated process, and I needed to hire an attorney to help me prove it to the judge.

After hiring the attorney, however, it was a pretty straightforward process.  He said it wouldn't be too hard to show to the judge that I was a valuable member of society and didn't deserve such undue hardship. 

The DWI attorney was worth the money -- on my credit card of course.  Within a week my DWI arrest was gone from my public records and driving record.  So if you're sitting there wondering, "What can I do about a DWI arrest?" the answer is fight it!

See what kind of potentially negative information people can find about you, search DWI records and other criminal driving records to check up on other people.

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