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New Hampshire DWI Laws

DWI is a serious offense in New Hampshire. BAC is important to consider. Alcohol is a
substance that affects everyone differently but it’s the same for everyone when it comes to defensive driving skills.


Defining DWI

When stopped for a DWI test, you will take the sobriety test. You become subjected to implied
consent when you accept a New Hampshire license. If you refuse to take the test, your license
will be taken from you for 180 days. If you fail the test, you become a DWI. If your BAC is
over .08%, then you can be arrested for DWI. If your BAC is below the legal limit but your
driving skills are influenced by the alcohol, then you may be arrested. The rules for commercial
drivers are much harsher. But you have to be over 21 to purchase or transport alcohol.



If you are charged for aggravated DWI then the consequences will be harsher. The length of
your suspension depends on your driving history and arrest specifics. Second offense costs you
a fine up to $1000, approved treatment program, auto insurance premium, reinstatement fees and
attorney costs. The penalties are different depending on your age.


License reinstatement

After your suspension you can apply for reinstatement of your license. The reinstatement
procedure is the same as other DMV Point System violations. The bureau of financial
responsibility will help you through this process.


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