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New Jersey DWI Laws

If you are caught with a BAC of .08% and higher in New Jersey, then you will be arrested for
DUI. New Jersey law requires you to take a test to check your body for alcohol. Refusal will
result in harsher penalties. You are bound to undergo a breath test or a blood test. If you refuse
the test, you'll be subject to even harsher penalties than the regular penalties for DUI infractions.



The first offense of BAC higher than .08% will cost you to lose your license for 7 months up to a
year, $250-$400 fine and insurance charges. Also, you may be required to spend 30 days in jail.
The first offense with BAC higher than .10% will cost you the conviction of your license for 7
months to a year, a fine of $300-$500, IDRC stay of 12-48 hours, insurance charges and jail time
for 30 days. For second offense you will lose your license for 2 years, pay a fine of $500-$1000,
pay insurance charges, stay for IDRC and spent time in jail for 48-90 hours. For third offense,
you will lose your license for 10 years, pay a $1000 fine, pay insurance charges, IDRC stay of
12- 48 hours and jail time of 180 days.



The state has a resource center for every offender. The offender attends alcohol and highway
safety education program. Failure of compliance by the offender will result in additional


The ignition interlock device

DUI offenders will be required to use an ignition interlock device. In order for this to be done
you will be required to present proof of installation for restoration driving privilege.


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