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Oregon DWI Laws and Penalties

Oregon motorists may be charged with DWI for driving a vehicle under the influence of intoxicating liquor and/or other controlled substance. Oregon is also governed by implied consent, meaning that a driver automatically consents to blood, breath, or urine test when driving a vehicle. Refusal to take such a test can be used as evidence in court, and suspension from implied consent is separate from suspension that results from DWI conviction.

Penalties for First-Time Conviction

A person convicted of DUI for the first time has his driver's license suspended for one year. A judge can sentence an offender to jail for 48 hours to one year, based on the judge's assessment of the situation. A judge also can sentence him to up to 80 hours of community service in lieu of jail time.

First-Time Conviction Fees

A DUI conviction is expensive. The initial fine is $1,000, but a DUI conviction also means paying $40 for your case to be assessed, plus $95 and $59 for a unitary assessment fee and a county assessment fee, respectively. A diagnosis fee to determine whether you have a drinking problem costs $90. Once it's determined an offender needs alcohol rehabilitation, a judge will order the person into an intoxicated driver program at a cost of $130. A judge can charge an offender up to $10,000 if the drunken driver had a child under 18 in the car with him. The initial fine is $2,000 if the person's blood alcohol level is .15 or more.

Penalties for Second-Time Conviction

A person convicted of a second DUI faces stiffer penalties, though it still isn't considered a Class C felony. A judge imposes a three-year suspension of the person's license, an initial fine of $1,500 and one year in jail. That fine increases to $2,000 if the person's blood alcohol level was .15 or more. A $10,000 fine is added if he had a child under 18 with him in the vehicle. Additional fees and fines cost approximately $300. As before, the person is required to attend an alcohol rehabilitation program, and he must use the ignition interlock device for two years after getting his driver's license back.

Penalties for a Third-Time Conviction

If a person is convicted a third time for DUI, it's classified as a Class C felony. A $2,000 fine is imposed, and the person can be sentenced to up to five years in jail, depending on the judge's assessment and the number of DUI arrests in a 10-year period. An additional $10,000 fine is levied if the offender had a person under 18 in the car with him. The additional administrative fees apply. The offender's driver's license is revoked for life, and he is ordered to attend an alcohol treatment program again.


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