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Wisconsin DWI Laws

In Wisconsin, Operating while Intoxicated is a very serious charge. In 2003, Wisconsin became the 43rd state to lower the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) to a level of 0.08, which makes the

OWI laws even tougher on those who drink and drive. The charge for OWI is a serious felony, with many harsh penalties.


What Constitutes Drunk Driving?

If you are elder than 21 then there are some conditions that would make you intoxicated, for example having a BAC of equals to or more than 0.08%, any illegal alcoholic substance in your blood, driving while under the influence of an intoxicant. Further, Wisconsin’s law states, "A driver is "under the influence" when his or her ability to operate a motor vehicle is impaired. A person's ability to operate a motor vehicle is impaired if he or she is less able to safely control the vehicle because of the consumption of alcohol or controlled substances."


Refusal for BAC test

If you refuse to give your blood test when asked, it is possible for you to lose you license, get jailed or even pay some fines.


OWI Consequences

First OWI offense has the following penalties :

• Fine: Between $150 to $300

• OWI surcharge: $355

• License suspension: six to nine months

• Occupational license: Allowed

The alcohol/drug use assessment is an examination that whether a person is convicted or not for OWI. The analyst carries this out and decides the consequences. The occupational license is a limited driver's license that will allow the person to drive only for essential tasks.

For your subsequent convictions, the penalties will get harder as you move on with your operating the vehicle while drunk.

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