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Wyoming DWI Laws

Mostly people who are drunk but still drive cause many accidents. It may endanger your life or
even the lives of people around you. You should not drive until and unless you are enough fit to
handle the vehicle on your own.


National and Wyoming statistics

According to the statistics, the ugly truth is that 70% of the accidents involve drunk driving due
to which 25000 people are killed each year, 500 each week and 70 daily. However, 708,000
people are injured due to this each year and the age group involved is from 16 to 24 years.

In Wyoming, cost of one death can be $2.3 million and injuries caused by crashes causes $50000



In Wyoming, you will hear the offense of driving while under the influence of alcohol as
DWUI. The blood alcohol concentration should not exceed from 0.08%. Due to some accuracy

problems, Wyoming courts cannot allow the breath test so alternatively it uses some small tests
including backwards alphabet, the old heel-to-toe walk, turn, and return and eye-jerk analysis.

If you fight against it and prove to be guilty, you can surely hire an attorney and many DUI
attorneys offer a free initial consultation too.


Suspensions at the time of arrest

If you have BAC of 0.08% or more than you will be arrested immediately and taken to the jail
where other officers will wait to suspend your driving license.

However, if you refuse to give your chemical test after being arrested, your license will be taken
away for six months and if you go to the court and prove yourself guilty within 10 days then you
will have your license back and your record will be removed from the offenses of DWUI.


DWUI Penalties

First Offense

• Fine: Between $200 and $750. There is no mandatory fine, so it will come down to the
officer or judge ruling.

• Jail time: Generally, a first offense will not carry any jail time past the initial arrest (and a
possible night in detox).

• License suspension: 90 days.


Second Offense

Within five years of the first offense:

• Fine: Between $200 and $750.

• Jail time: Seven days compulsory behind bars; possible jail time of up to six months.

• License suspension: One year.


Third Offense

Within five years of the first offense:

• Fine: Between $750 to $3,000.

• Jail time: 30 days mandatory; possible jail time of up to six months. Individual must
undergo alcohol assessment.

• License suspension: License will be revoked for three years.


Fourth Offense

Within five years of the first offense, the crime becomes a felony:

• Fine: Not more than $10,000.

• Time: Not to exceed two years.

• License: Revocation.


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